The Walleye Opener!

The opener was just as described, beautiful weather with calm winds. The fact that we just finished the spawn on many fish did slow the bite on some lakes but if you knew the right action to take fishing was great. If you went to a post spawn lake fishing deeper water was necessary with a slower presentation and smaller baits. If you wanted pre-spawn you needed to go to big, clear, deep, water and that is what I did. These were pre-spawn males 17-1/2 to 18-1/2  caught in 5 to 8 feet on a rock bar. Fish took jig & minnow with a little touch of some baitmate. Just took three fish for a family meal and left. The new size limit is liked by everyone. Three fish limit over 15 inches… from 20 to 24 you release and you can keep one over 24… GR8!


Baitmate (2) three fish (2) Walleye 1 (2)

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