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Known as the fish of 10,000 casts Musky Fishing is becoming more and more popular every day I fish. Those who fish the “ELUSIVE ESOX” become celebrated Musky Hunters and we release our fish. Catching a trophy musky is a great and rewarding experience and can be a thrill of a lifetime. The Northwood’s musky season starts the Saturday before Memorial Day and closes the last day of November. That gives us roughly a sixth month season and a continuing pattern change during that time. As a leading musky guide in our area I fish several area lakes but do find a preference on just a few. I am always out on these lakes following just “what the heck” they are doing as patterns change lake to lake. It is my job to increase your chance of catching a musky by decreasing your time on the water, knowing those patterns.

I am also a musky educator with my long experience in musky fishing and a background in fisheries and research. While fishing with me I will share as much information with you describing what is going on while we are on the water. I will also teach simple and advance technique of casting and working baits properly.

As indicated above we practice CPR (Catch Photo Release)… the reason for doing so is to protect our resource. With the new popularity in musky fishing putting these fish back into the water is important to preserve this sport. Muskies are a limited species on most lakes that pose a healthy “trophy” population. Returning that fish back allows that balance to keep the lake in check and the reproduction of a superior strain. Many times I have been out  and felt I have caught the same fish twice or more but it is hard to show evidence to that here is a most positive example of that concept. As an Eagle River Musky Guide I have a story to relate to this.

On Oct. 12, 2013. I passed my sucker rod to this angler and he caught this “Tiger Musky” It measured 43-1/2 inches.

***Note the markings and the most distinguished ID with the deformed snout on this fish. An obvious birth deformity.

On Saturday October 19, 2013 (one week later to the date and almost the same spot) my other guest re-caught the same fish and was once again released.

Spring – Summer – Fall.. If you are up for the Challenge I would like to take you out and help you catch a musky. If it is a trophy I will get you in contact with our best area taxidermist and work to get a replica. With good measurements, and photos the fish will be reproduced to the best likeness of your fish. A replica will last a lifetime… skin mounts will decompose after time.

     SPRING        MID-SUMMER            FALL

Contact me at: 715-617-5973 or email:  HaveRodWillTravel@msn.com

It is not always this easy… but here are two muskies caught in 30 minutes.


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