About Your Fishing Guide Fred E.sox Brogle

Greetings Fellow Anglers; I am your host Fred E.sox Brogle, an Eagle River, Wisconsin Fishing Guide.

Chances are, if you are browsing this website you just might be interested in booking a guided fishing trip in the Vilas County-Eagle River area found in Northern Wisconsin. However, before you book with me, or anyone else, you should want to know something about the person you are planning to spend your day with.

I am a retired fulltime Engine Company Lieutenant/Paramedic of thirty years from a suburb near Chicago.  Retired now I am making a dream come true to spend as much time fishing and passing on my learning experiences.

What are these experiences? Well as a youth I can honestly say my dad always found the time to take me fishing. We spent many hours together enjoying this sport. As I got older, I found fishing to be a source of great relaxation. Working a fire service schedule, 24 on 48 off, I was able to create time for getting on the water as often as possible. Learning more of the sport, in the middle 1980’s I acquired a great interest in fishing tournaments.  Spending 22 years on the bass tournament trail.



At the age of 19, I caught my first legal musky. A fishing memory with my dad, that I will never forget. That was over 50 years ago, and I still have a thrill when the call of “FISH ON” is heard for a good musky. Understanding the musky resources today, as a fragile fishery we now fish with an understanding of CPR (Catch Photograph Release)

In 1983 I fished my first major tournament (Paul’s Pro/Am Musky Classic) in Eagle River, Wisconsin, an annual fall tournament which I have fished every year since. The competitive fishing bug bit and in the fall of 1985, I bought my first bass boat (a 176 Champion DC Elite with a 150 XR-2 Merc) and I hit the tournament trail in 1986. Fishing approximately thirty tourneys per year, in the beginning, I compiled over twenty-five years of tournament experience.


Tournament experience gave
me a background in finding fish!


What circuits, organizations, &
tournaments have I fished?


  • B.A.S.S. (Bassmasters Tournament Trail)
  • OPERATION BASS (Redman Trail)
  • C.B.F.A.(Chain-O-Lakes Bass Fisherman Assoc.)
  • P.W.T.T. (Professional Walleye Tour. Trail)
  • CAN/AM Police & Fire Games
  • P.M.T.T. (Professional Musky Tour. Trail)
  • WORLD Police & Fire Games
  • WMT (Wisconsin Musky Tour)



Many memories and lessons of the tournaments lay fresh in my mind. Two highly remembered achievements in a single competition were fishing the CAN/AM Police & Fire Games of 2000 (hosted in Milwaukee, WI) and the WORLD Police & Fire Games of 2001 (hosted in Indianapolis, IN). These are Olympic style games that I competed in as fireman. Designed only for full time police & fire personnel in Canada, the U.S., and then the World. They are strictly a sport competition and have a format just like the Olympics. Each hosting nearly 75 sport venues, I chose the Bass Fishing Competition. In the 2000 CAN/AM Games I took the GOLD medal in team competition and in the 2001 World Games I defended my title by taking the SILVER medal in much larger competition.

In other single tournament competition, I once fished the World Championship Musky Classic, with a field of over 850 anglers. In my first and only time fishing this classic I caught a musky that measured and weighed a 7th place finish. Fishing again as a first-time experience, I fished the Eagle River Musky Alliance again with a field over 850 anglers! I caught a musky that placed out at 20th.

To get a feel for bass circuit competition I fished the amateur division in the initial season. In my very first tournament I placed first. The following season I switched to the professional division where I stayed. Always in the running I qualified for classic competition in 80% of the circuits I fished. Some tournaments you do well, some fair, and a few you just blank. However, I always stayed competitive and consistent. Fishing competitively is something I have enjoyed. It is a totally different form of fishing. I have learned many things about fishing by participating in tournaments. To keep an edge, you must find fish in all types of conditions; fair and foul weather, high and lower water levels, clean to muddy waters, hot and cold, high pressure and low pressure, and the dreaded COLD FRONT, a most difficult time to fish. I am devoted to this sport, and I will make our day as best as possible.  Go to the custom trip and rates page for policy information.

Today, as often as I can, you will find me on several of the lakes and river system of the Eagle River and Vilas County Area. Whether fishing with a client, a friend, a family member, or just for myself I will always try to be in tune with what the fish are doing.

No matter what you’re angling purpose:

1)  Fishing for a Specialized Limit or Trophy Species Bass * Musky * Walleye

2)  Choosing your body of water: Resort/Vacation or Pre-Fishing for a Tournament or

3)  Just going out for some family fun, I will do my best to give you a day of fun, excitement and success.    (See custom trips and rates)

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