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If you are a beginner or novice Snowmobile Rider; if you wish to know more about Snowmobiling this is my most informative video. This video will cover the types of clothing to wear, what to expect on your snowmobile tour, rentals, operational instruction, safety tips from your guide, types of eateries on the trail, along with some actual riding and much more. Start with this “on page” video clip:

Greetings Snowobile Riders,

Welcome to a very special snowmobile video if you are a new or first time rider. To view this complete video it was necessary to put it into a two part session. Part 1 will show necessities of dressing and basic preparation, Part 2 will give you a basic idea of the tour by taking you out on the trail,

Eagle River, Wisconsin

Official “Snowmobile Capital of the World”

 Eagle River, Wisconsin is the “OFFICIAL”  SNOWMOBILE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. Earning this prestigious name, Eagle River has been granted this title as an offical trade-mark for years of vested snowmobile heritage. Here you will find not only the best snowmobiling in the United States, but many other winter activities such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing, the photography of beautiful wintry Northwood’s landscapes, our famous annual “Ice Castle” “Pond Hockey” and “Klondike Days”, and of course the highly proclaimed “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SNOWMOBILE RACES”. As an avid snowmobiler to the Northwood’s area since 1973, I have decided to use my years of experience to meet a new demand for our area, that being:  SNOWMOBILE TOURS.  Join us here in Eagle River for many of our winter outdoor activities and take at least one day of snowmobiling as an introductory tour.


         “The Annual Ice Castle                     “Living the days of ole’ at Klondike Days

To see Photos of the Happy Guest who have taken the tour, Check out our Photo Gallary Pages!!


 The first thing you should know about me as a TOUR GUIDE is:

1) I am a State of Wisconsin CERTIFIED Snowmobile Safety Instructor

2) I have logged over 50,000 miles on Snowmobile Trails.

3) 33 years experineced in First Aid and Medical Emergencies as a Retired Licensed Fire   Department EMT & Paramedic. (now retired)

4) Starting snowmobing in this Northwoods Area in 1974.

Snowmobiling the Northwood’s since 1974, I have often found myself being the “Trail Leader” or “Trail Boss” (a given name) on many group tours with friends and family. The Eagle River Northwood’s Area is my backyard; I know the trails very well. In the 2004/2005 season I enjoyed many group activities with snowmobiler’s while receiving many requests as a “guide” to escort newcomers on our trails; so I took this to heart.

For the new season I will be expanding my guide services by offering SNOWMOBILE TOURS at the “Beginner” or “Introductory Level”. Leading many groups in the past I would like to take YOU on a tour of this area. As a beginner I will guide you through some of the finest trails in Northern Wisconsin. I will show you trails that are evaded by heavy traffic. I have four basic trails that form a cloverleaf around Eagle River; I will select the best trail for you on the day of your ride. In a clock sweep fashion we will leave town and travel a wide circular path never being to be too far from home but on trails that are continually groomed. Making a few trails stops for, breaks and food; you will enjoy the beauty and thrill of travel through scenic winter-woodland landscapes.Remember to bring a camera and perhaps a backpack or saddle bag. Here as some GROUPS I have lead.


    “A Trail Break near St. Germain”                   “A Trail Break on a Michigan Lake”

I will start your group with a briefing. We will discuss our route and stops but most importantly we will review “Snowmobiling Etiquette” and “Snowmobiling Guidelines”.You will learn how to ride in a group with proper spacing, reading the trail, reading a map, reading trail signs , approaching on coming traffic, hand signals and much more. This outing will not only be a fun adventure, it will be an education based on years of snowmobile experience.


      “One Group for Lunch”                                       “Another Lunch Group”

The Snowmobile Tour is customized to your group. Pending agility and handling a tour will last for 6 to 7 hours. Starting on the trail at 9:30/10:00 am. Returning roughly 3:30/4:00. Times may vary with conditions and experience. All riders are back to their starting points before dark. There will be photo stops along the way and warmup stops and places to eat.

It will be my only purpose to lead you on some special trails of this area; while you enjoy and learn the sport of snowmobiling. If you already have a sled and gear that is great. I DO NOT rent sleds or equipment but I can help you to get in contact with a reputable dealer from the area as we have several to choose from. I will give you information for the best type of snowmobile gear. If you are renting sleds and gear I can join you at the time and location of your sled/gear pick-up. Getting your sled & equipment the first thing in the morning at (9:00 am) is suggested.

As stated in the beginning this is an “introductory level” tour, the riding will be somewhat routine for me but new and exciting for you. We start our tour about 9:30 am. We can meet at two locations;

1) We can meet at your point of lodging, or

2) We can meet at the old train depot in downtown Eagle River, on the main 13 trail; or where you rent your snowmobile. (your rental stop is most preferred.)

Trail times can vary but we try to be back to your lodging or downtown between 3:30 and 4:00 pm. back before dark. This gives you time to have a dinner and the opportunity to go out on the trails on your own. It will be a full day on the trail. Six hours will feel like a full day.

“Here is a group meeting 9:00 a.m. at the Train Depot”

We will make at least three establishment stops in that time as a rest stop and warm up. Food and warm-up drinks will be available at these locations, at your own cost. Many of these places such as this one to the left are set in some very beautiful locations. We have made pit-stops at all of these places and we will stop were the food is great!

      “A lunch stop near St. Germain”                               

One thing you must bring is a camera as some of the scenery will be remarkable, especially with a fresh snowfall. And with a fresh groomed trail you will think your riding on a paved highway.

 When conditions are WHITE the trails are the Best!

New Sled for a New Season
Tours will be lead by a
2008 Yamaha- RS Vector GT LTX–>

Make a Plan

My suggestion is to gather some friends and get them interested in snowmobiling for a trial basis. With all the activities of Eagle River you can enjoy many things but plan at least one day for snowmobiling. I would further suggest planning your tour during the week for two main reasons.

1) Most snowmobile rental services offer a weekday discount on renting their sleds. Perhaps renting a sled for two days or more might be best, but book your first day on the trail should be with me as a tour guide.

2) Snowmobiling during the week generates less traffic than on the weekend. You will find better groomed trails and meet less people and congestion.

Plan your vacation well in advance; reserve your sleds from your dealer early, and also book your guide in accordance. Bookings in advance are important so you can have a hassle-free adventure.

We have made a lot of reference to new people renting sleds, but if you are a new sled owner and do not run the trails frequently I can show you many tips and trails that you many not have seen before.

Recomendations For Snowmobile Rental Service

I recommend all these locations equally…  Each has it’s own personal touch that makes them unique. It will be personal preference based on your choice!

In the Eagle River Area

Track Side
Located on the Northside of Eagle River 17/45 N, Trackside rents both single and 2-up sleds mostly Ski Doo. They also have a full supply of all exterior snowmobile gear, boots gloves, helmets, and suits. Phone: 715-479-2200 or visit their website at: www.tracksideinc.com

Boat Sport Marine
Located on the Eastside of Eagle River on Highway 70 on the river channel between Catfish and Voyager Lakes. Boat Sport rents single and 2-up Sleds which are Arctic Cats. They also have a full compliment of Snowmobile gear and clothing. Phone: 715-479-8000 or visit the web at: www.boatsportmarine.com

The Toy Shop
Located on the Westside of Eagle River 70w, the Toy Shop has many choices of sleds to rent. They also have Helments and limited supply of outer clothing for rent. Phone 715-479-9090 or visit the web at: www.thetoyshoponline.com

St. Germain Area

Sport Marine
Located downtown St. Germain on 70, Sport Marine has single and 2-up sleds and are mostly Yamahas. They also rent helmets and have a limited clothing to rent but do sell a full compliment. Phone 715-479-4930 or visit the web at:www.stgermainsportmarine.com


Because of the routing in the trail systems we have only a one day excursion but the cost is based on how many “sleds” in the group:

Our base tour base price is $175.00 That covers the FIRST FOUR SLEDS (and the minimum tour cost). If you wish to organize a larger group; each sled over the four will be an additional $15.00. 

(EXAMPLE) A group of 8 SLEDS is $235.00 ($175.00 for the first four sleds; plus $15.00 each on the remaining 4 sleds or $60.00 reaching a total of $235.00)

This is only counting the number of sleds (not riders) as some riders prefer to ride double, however it is suggest for the ADULT beginner… adult riders have their own sled. The base price reflects up to the first four sleds. This makes it very simple. If you are planning a large or corporate group I will only place ten sleds in a group for safety; BUT if you have more than ten I will need to bring in a second guide to make a second group. These groups will take the same routes but proper spacing will be allowed. Once again in a safety aspect it is advisable not to have a long unsupervised group.

Holiday dates that will carry a 15% Premium Charge will be December 24th, 26th, 31st,  No Tours on Holidays of Christmas (December 25th) and New Years January 1st. However, I do understand Family Schedules and vacations, tours could be made availible on these days “IF” I am available.

A deposit of $50.00 (per group) is required within 10 days of booking. Final payment is to be made at the start of your tour. Deposit refunds are given in full if weather conditions create a no snow or an undriveable condition.




For information you may phone, write, or email me at the below information.

Hope to see you on the trail!!

Your Guide, 

Fred E. Brogle


Once you have contacted me with your date(s) that you would like to ride,  I will issue a temporary booking.  Then please print the BOOKING FORM below and mail it to H.R.W.T. – P.O. Box 1102 -Eagle River, WI 54521 with your deposit.  You will be given 7 days from the Temporay booking to receipt of deposit to insure those date(s). (Time Permitting)  Once received you will be notified of a “confirmed booking.”

To print the booking form please click on the (BLUE) Snowmobile Tour Booking Form below. This is a PDF that will give you a printable document. (really easy)

To Print a Booking Form “click here”–>  SNOWMOBILE_TOUR_BOOKING_FORM