Fishing Seminars & Workshops 2021





There is nothing more predictable about catching fish than the lunar feeding periods. You can have good days and bad days of fishing as we all know. Fish activity no doubt is controlled by local weather conditions right where you are fishing, and I always refer to that as the trump card. Atmospheric pressure and frontal conditions have a great impact on fishing so when you pick a day to fish it generally is the weather that is the indicator. However when the weather is good the highest feeding activity comes during the FULL & NEW moon. Lunar activity is also in line with tidal activity, basically the same time. We do not generally see tidal effects on small bodies of water but feel them. You do see them on the ocean and I see tidal effects on Lake Michigan. So is that lunar effect? Yes it is gravitational pull and for some unknown reason these key times create activity in ALL LIFE FORMS, we see it in animal, and if you look closely you see it in humans. It is an unknown force causing greater activity.

Fish do feed more actively at this time, again based on local weather conditions. The activity range is the three days before and three days after each FULL & NEW Moon and the times of most activity surround Moonrise & Moonset, so what does this mean as anglers… A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY!!!!

Although we can have a predictable time to feed; location is still another factor. “I always say you may know the time to feed… but if you’re not in the kitchen you won’t be by the feeding fish.”

Keep in mind that midsummer times will find you fishing through the dusk hours or before the dawn hours. The best days are those closest to the full and new moon. Time variations of each day will change roughly by 40 minute increments as the moon’s revolutions around the earth are near 23 hours making the time reference 11-1/2 hours apart (roughly). Outing time starts will vary day to day so check with me on specific times for starting.

I will offer you specific dates and times for the height of activity on lunar feeding with my charts. I view the 6 days that surround both the full moon and new moon and correlate 4 feeding times with moon rise and moonset and the forgotten moon overhead and moon underfoot.

Key Dates For 2021

May 11th  New Moon             May 26th  Full Moon
June 10th New Moon          June 24th Full Moon

July 10th New Moon         July 24th Full Moon
August 8th New Moon        August 22nd Full Moon