Musky Guests

Please scroll down this album to reach my page article. Here are some happy people with some nice fish, while fishing with me.

Lisa First Musky
As Long As The Water Is Open
Carl 47 Caught on that Snowy Lake
Karsten’s First Musky
Brad’s First Musky

Ken my Tournament Partner and Long Time Friend

Rico with a nice 44 fishing with son Zach and Friend

Glenn 48

My Wife Dawn with her First Musky and in a Tournament

Musky Fishing the Northwood’s

As a longtime angler of over fifty years I have fished and caught almost every known freshwater species in the U.S. I spent 22 years fishing the bass tournament trail, some walleye tournaments, and some musky tournaments. Moving to Northern Wisconsin in 2003 I became a full-time fishing guide and have found my niche specializing in Musky Fishing. I am centralized in Northeastern Wisconsin, Fishing Musky around Eagle River and many areas of Vilas County.

Bob 47

Jim 38

Client fishing is kept at a high percentage with most of my success in the fall. Understanding our season, knowing the bait forage, and keying in mostly on following the patterns through the season has taught me a library of information. The Musky Season starts the Saturday before Memorial Day and ends November 30th, and most seasons we have ice over by Thanksgiving Day so we really have a short fishing season.

Our season will start out using smaller baits such as small bucktails and twitch baits, progressing into larger baits as summer comes into play. The use of topwater baits which is always exciting and even some night fishing and early morning fishing. As fall moves in we follow the water patterns, “Turnover” is always an issue but all lakes do not turn at the same time, so it is my job to keep record of what lakes are doing what. This is a time of small baits again but we rapidly go back to bigger slower baits when the turnover is complete. Fall also offer us a time to fish with live bait and the use of suckers which are a trophy fish attractor.

Musky Fishing is not always this easy, but here are two fish in less than 30 minutes!
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And it certainly is not easy by yourself!!!!