Finally something to look forward to. After the last season with covid and shutdown it was an awful year and a long winter. Now we look at a new season as we are all getting vaccinated and restrictions are being lifted. By the time the Walleye season arrives it is predicted over 70% will be vaccinated. The best part of the new season all points lead to an early ice-out. It was 70 yesterday and a totally warm week as ice move out quickly. Things that also move ice out quickly are wind and rain and we are getting that as well. Our average ice out is April 12th and I expect to beat that by a week. This will give me plenty of time to scope out the waters. Just hoping the ice melt runoff feeds our lakes.


This year was tough with the covid and short times out on the water. Sitting back waiting for the new year to come in and hope most people get vaccinated he and by time the 2021 opener arrives it will be close to normal again. Fishing will improve and I will spend more time on… Continue Reading

Season Almost Here!

Well with all things considered an early ice out has given us a jump on this years season. The ice has left early under some early warming which changed to cool. None the less open water is what we have had for the last two weeks and the walleyes are spawning. This should put us… Continue Reading