Our Waters

Fishing many waters that surround Eagle River I would call my “Home Water” to a radius of aproximately 15 Miles to Eagle River. I  a North route you will find me up to the Border lakes of the U.P. of Michigan. In a westerly pattern you will find me on the other side of St. Germain but no further west of Minoquca. Going east I can get into the Nicolet National Forrest and I will go as far south as the Three Lakes & Sugar Camp Chain of Lakes.

Vilas County alone has 1,386 lakes and is the #1 County in the United States with the most Lakes. Alhtough I have all this water to fish it is difficult to cover them all I have about 20 lakes which I favor, pending what you are looking to catch.

Do not be bashful to ask me to fish a specific lake because if you are lodging on a lake and wish to fish your vacation hours here I can still be of assistance. If it is not one of my lakes I still will prefish the lake for you so when you come up I will have some knowledge of your water.

Just to give you an idea how many lakes there are; here is a map of lakes in just eastern Vilas County alone.