Walleye Season Opens Saturday May 2nd

4/26/15 — Saturday will be our opener and it should be a good week barring weather conditions. We basically had an early ice out with ice gone on most lakes by April 15th. Rapid warming temps got our surface temps in the low to mid 50’s putting the walleyes on the move to the spawning grounds. It should be a quick spawn and if anything can slow the bite Saturday will be hitting a lake that is post-spawn. I know of deeper lakes that the delay should be on these lakes as I want a pre-spawn bite.

Also we will have a better attraction for the walleye anglers as we will have a three fish limit to work with on many lakes. Plus you can take the daily bag of 5 which means you can catch 3 on one lake and two on another. The three fish will have a slot of 20 to 24 inches and a 15 inch minimum. That converts to three fish under 20 inches or two fish under 20 and on over 24. Then go to another lake.

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